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There are eternally young men of an eternal type, instead of a New Year.

Reference Maria Karpinskaya from 24.12.09 =9 (our time) 


There are eternally young men of an eternal type, instead of a New Year.

Let me begin my revelations with some words of Hajam.
He undoubtedly correctly asked this question:
If the creator - the founder of our bodies – is not great,
Why then didn’t he want to give us immortality?
If we are ideal, then why do we die?
If we are not ideal, then who has screwed things up?

I add: who we actually?

What is the reason of our common death? Both you will die, and he will die, everyone of us is mortal? And for all of us this knowledge is hidden from ourselves. Why? And soon will I die?... I who have accumulated great experience through work of opening and numerous errors, will die??? And will I forget all this, everything that was here with me? Then what is the purpose of all this life with its sufferings, torments and golden knowledge, what heaviness then have I added to this life? Friend, are you a person? Do you remember this life in detail from birth and about a minute of this? You don’t remember? Why? And all your last lives do you remember? You do not remember? You mean you have never lived here earlier? And can your life be stolen by someone malicious, severe, predatory? Did these questions not torment your mind since childhood? It is a pity. I was tormented and till now I recollect, I remember and I aspire not to forget. But the strength of someone else’s dream tosses me and forces to sleep. Then I beat myself on my cheeks and I give way to shouts that are torn from my soul. As lightning in the gloom of night, sharp knifes I set myself aright, I gather clouds over myself and I rumble with thunders to spill rains on a life and new light to consecrate all life that memory remembered always.

Who is visibly our enemy? Where has he hidden? I feel that he sits in numbers, he has hidden himself in seconds and minutes. Time of he names, has invented hours, and numbers whole were broken by it into divisions, and split up it has thought up. For what reasons is time our enemy? How to become the master of times, how to take hold of numbers, to clean all fractional particles and the world to collect from the whole, uniform number. And who has told me that December is a month in which cold and the heart of winter has frozen, and has encrusted our memory with ice. Who has thought it up, that in December there is the number 31? You trust that there is a number such in December? And I do not trust composers of a calendar. I do not believe that with each New Year the hours strike and carry the old away, and the old year comes to an end. When is it that he has had time to grow old and why? And have people together with time grown old? Also should they die, as false time dies, which is designated by the number 31?

Learn, people, I do not go to the New Year, I remain in the years, and I am not going to grow old. Do you share my wish to live and not to die? Let's gather behind a celebratory table of 31 numbers which does not exist, and we will drink for the absence of the New Year, we will drink for the eternally young not coming to an end, and we will sing odes not to the year, not to a reptile, but a sort and pleasure. As always, by tradition, we all gather togehter, but we go by contradiction. And those who will make it, having left itself last memory not erased, having left itself all experience and all accumulation, will live in its own way, without years, and you will not search for yourselves in those numbers where YOUR YEARS, you will live in uniform number, where YOUR CHILDBIRTH, and YOU will be always glad,

PEOPLE who are glad are always young.
Also do not trust any offers where to you YOU suggest to buy for money YEARS, to become young. It is LIE which throws you on BOXES.

And days let at you begin sunrise in a shower and come to an end with rising. Declines will suffice you. CEASE to SLIDE BACK TOGETHER WITH TIME! Now our hours not begin to tick, but will speak to us only SO! ONLY we ASCEND! Also we WILL cease to KILL THEMSELVES In SOMEBODY’S OLD YEARS!!!. TIME FLOWS With us And UNDER our LAWS, And we are ALWAYS alive!!!

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!!!

Maria Karpinskaya. 21.12.2009

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